A Little Reflection

So I’ve been a little quiet on here, life has been very hectic. From beginning a new job, to a sudden family manner, life has just flown on by. I’ve been thinking a lot about how your life can just change so quickly in the shortest amount of time. Life for the most part has been good, but there is always that one thorn on the rose that sticks out, big or small. This thorn that has hit my family is medium, but with optimism, can be solved.

I have done a lot of reflection on life, from personal to professional goals, and I feel that I am striving and succeeding. I have learned that you must step out of your comfort zone in order to get things accomplished. I love the rush that you get once you have stepped out and done something you feel impossible at the beginning. My personal goals have been to expand my network and gain more friendships that provide me with intellectual stimulation. My professional goals have been to find a job that I enjoy and to start-up a small family business. Thus far, both of those are working, pardon the pun šŸ™‚

This posting isn’t as much informative as it is reflective. That’s ok, though. You don’t always have to be in work or productive mode 24/7, everyone needs a little R&R.

Take sometime for yourself and for others, you can’t be your best if you don’t.


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