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Phone Apps That Get YOU Cash!

Hello everyone! As we enter into the second month of 2019, (can you believe it?!?!?)…..where does the time go? I have learned that with all of the apps that come with our phones, why not make them work for us, and get us some extra money? I am going to share with you many of the apps that I utilize to in order to … Read More Phone Apps That Get YOU Cash!

Amazon New HQ2–Good or Bad?

Hello readers! Unless you live in a very closed off bubble, everyone has heard of Amazon, and many are Prime Subscribers. Over the past year, Amazon has been on a massive search around the country to expand their headquarters. Amazon announced that the two lucky winning cities to host are Arlington, VA and Queens, NY, meanwhile, Nashville, Tennessee will host a smaller campus. There has been … Read More Amazon New HQ2–Good or Bad?

Stormy Daniels: My take on "Full Disclosure"

Hello Readers! I recently finished Stormy Daniels’ newly published book Full Disclosure. I admit, I was very interested in reading her publication to hear about all the juicy details on her encounter and alleged affair with Donald Trump. Her critics will say that she published this book simply for the publicity and sales, however, she seems genuine and very detailed in her recollection of events. … Read More Stormy Daniels: My take on "Full Disclosure"

Custom Made T-Shirts–Bonfire

Hello everyone! I recently came across a website for making custom made attire, The website provides everything you need, they do take a base cost as they provide you with all the material you need. The first shirt I have had in mind for a long time, I just didn’t know how to design it. Its based on a baby and a daddy … Read More Custom Made T-Shirts–Bonfire

Kylie Jenner–Social Media Self Made Billionaire.

Hello! On the cover of the upcoming issue of “Forbes” magazine, Kylie Jenner is the youngest to date self-made billionaire. For anyone who watches ABC’s “The View” there were differing viewpoints on how much work Kylie Jenner put into making her business successful vs her success handed to her. Meghan Mccain talked about how she definitely benefited from her father’s political career, however, in … Read More Kylie Jenner–Social Media Self Made Billionaire.

Caretaker: It’s not Just a Job, Its Love

Hello everyone, This post is a very personal one, but one that I feel many will be able to relate to. I debated about writing about this for a while, was it too personal, should I stick to more career, and upbeat topics? No. Every now and then I like to reflect about personal things in my life, and this one has been going … Read More Caretaker: It’s not Just a Job, Its Love

Employment Websites

Hello everyone! So I’ve been pondering about what to talk, what is of interest, informative and worth the read? Well one topic that I’ve been doing a lot of research on is employment websites. Back in the day, most people looked for jobs in newspapers, and other print materials vs the now multitude of websites available. The hard part is knowing which sites are … Read More Employment Websites

Starting an Online Business

Hello readers! I want to bring about a topic or a rather large topic that is near and dear to my heart….. Starting an online business….ahem….! I have had a passion for being an entrepreneur; I have always loved the idea of being my own boss. I completed an internet marketing class my senior year of high school; it really opened my eyes to … Read More Starting an Online Business

Rebate Apps are the new Savings Account Interest

Hello readers! Over the last few years, I’ve really developed an interest in saving as much money as possible, through any moral or legal means, after all I don’t want to do anything that is immoral, illegal or fatning 😜. I began searching online for different ways to save money, especially through coupons; with this research I learned about rebate apps such as Ibotta, … Read More Rebate Apps are the new Savings Account Interest

March for Our Lives

Hello readers! Over the weekend, close to a million if not more attended the March for Our Lives rally in DC, (not evening counting the marches around the country) demanding for  more sensible gun laws. Over the years, the amount of mass shootings has reached a horrific number; yet politicians have only done so much to stop these mass shootings from happening, if not … Read More March for Our Lives

Hillary Clinton–What Happened–My Review

Hello! We are nearly one year into the new administration, and I’m wondering how the hell we got here. I’m not going to go into much of my personal feelings of what I think of the policies and behaviors coming out of the White House, but I can definitely say I don’t see how we are setting a good example for our children when … Read More Hillary Clinton–What Happened–My Review

DIY Pampering

Hello! Ladies (and gents), when was the last time you pampered yourself?  Everyone has their own different versions of TLC; maybe its retail therapy, or a night out dancing, heck, it could just be a night in, with a good glass of wine, a book, and a nice fuzzy blanket. Some of my personal favorites are DIY, saving my bank account.  For Christmas, I … Read More DIY Pampering

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