Name Brand vs Comfort

I was shopping today again for work attire, and decided to stop by my favorite place, handbags! I was browsing through various different name brands and more low key designs. I noticed that the name brands were obviously much more expensive, but also, didn’t seem as practical as the lower priced ones. The top name brands seemed to be not as functional and everyday life usability. I wish I could afford name brands and they were more everyday life like. What I mean by this is that it is easier to tote around the lower priced ones more easily, and they seem to be softer in material and more range in zipper space. Now before I get name brand fans opposed to this writing, I own a Calvin Klein purse, that not only is a snap shut one, but I wouldn’t call it suitable for all activities or heavy traveling. I like ones that can store may things, like a “Marry Poppins” bag, if you will, but one that won’t lug me down. I hope that this makes sense. I would love to hear feedback on this topic.


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