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Welcome to my site! Let me introduce myself, my name is Amanda, I am a Graduate of George Mason University with my B.A. in Integrative Studies with a Concentration in Organizational Administration.

What does all that mean? Integrative Studies, at my time of study, was all about a new way of learning. Classes were smaller in size, creating a more intimate learning environment for both student engagement as well as student professor relationship. Learning was based more on reading and writing reflection, as opposed to the traditional remembering facts that you can always Google later on…don’t worry, I still had to complete my core classes of math, biology, etc. My concentration Of Organizational Administration, again at the time, was to expose students to a little bit of every field, to truly see what your interests are.

Why am I going into my college resume you may ask? It outlines exactly who I am; a person who loves to learn, and has a variety of interests. I didn’t want to just settle on one topic, I wanted exposure. Don’t get me wrong, people who know their exact purpose in life and focus on that, are great, I just happen to have a wide variety, and I share that here 🙂 I look forward to you coming along on my journey and sharing in my interests. Don’t be shy, I’d love your feedback and comments. Share the love and leave a comment 🙂


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