Easy and Natural Beauty Routine

Hey everyone! As you may have guessed from the title, I’m about to tell you about my beauty routine that I use to keep my hair and skin healthy and happy.

I am one of those people who was blessed with naturally clear, healthy skin (I rarely break out), BUT that doesn’t mean that I neglect taking care of my complexion. I have tried a few different products over the course of my teens and now into my late 20s, and I finally have found a line that is “Simple”, and easy on the skin, and affordable! You might be wondering why I put Simple in quotes above, well that is because the line that I use is called “Simple.” I LOVE this line. It is a wonderful brand that not only has no harsh ingredients, but has vitamins that are great for a healthy skincare routine. My favorite products that I use are the Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover, which most importantly removes my stubborn waterproof mascara. I use the Simple Cleansing Wipes to remove my face makeup and to clean my skin. For day time use, I hydrate my skin with the Protecting Light Moisturizer in order to protect against the harmful UV rays (yes, all year round even on cloudy days) and at night use the standard Replenishing Moisturizer.

When it comes to my hair, I alternate among hair care products depending on the season and what my hair care needs are at the time. The one thing that I do use year round to have an intense hydrating mask for my hair are two ingredients that you can eat together, though they may not taste the best together. They are coconut oil and raw honey.  I melt the coconut oil in a sauce pan on very low heat only for a few seconds (the oil heats up very quickly, so it is really important to keep the heat on absolute low.) I put the honey in with it, to make sure both are warm, never hot. On damp hair, I put this mask all over my hair, focusing a lot of the ends, where the most damage takes place. I leave the two on for 30 minutes to an hour, and then wash and condition like normal.  A tip I heard about is to do this hair hydrating mask on your wash day as it absorbs better into dirtier hair. I noticed the first time that I did this routine, my hair was not only so incredibly soft, but shiny, even my girlfriends noticed! This is a very affordable routine, that I do every couple of months to maintain luscious locks. Your hair will thank you!

I’m all about natural, and affordable products, in every category of my life, as much as possible. I would love to hear any additional beauty and skin care tips you may have!

Fashion to Face Care!

I am one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to deal with a ton of acne from my early teens on. That doesn’t mean that I slack off with my face care, I just don’t to worry as much! I use a variety of different products, the only specifics that I use are mostly natural, simple, and clean ingredients. One of the face cleansers I use is called “Purpose,” a soap free cleanser that is soap free and dermatologist recommended. It comes in liquid and bar form; I prefer the liquid but it’s the same company and cleansing idea.

Another face skin source I use is “Simple” cleansing facial wipes“. I use these on lazy days, at night or when I’m in a rush and don’t have time for a full scrub down. I normally get the generic brand that has the same/similar ingredients to name brands. While I don’t limit myself to one brand, I have found myself liking “Simple” because it is chemical and alcohol free. Regardless of brand, I only use alcohol free items, as the alcohol dries out skin.

A great added nourishment to your skin is another product made through “Simple,” their Micellar Cleaning water. It has vitamins, and other healthy ingredients to keep the skin soft, clean, and healthy.

For moisturizing my face, I use Vaseline. No, not Vaseline Jelly, but an actual lotion. It is very light, and great for everyday use, but it does have micro droplets of Vaseline jelly in it for soothing healing power. You can buy the name brand or generic. Same idea, just a few cents less for your wallet.

During the winter time, however, I change it up and sometimes apply Care One Vitamin E cream to my face. It’s a bit heavier, so I only use on very cold, dry days during the winter or when my skin needs a little extra TLC.

One other fun thing that I do is use the Freeman skin care masks. They have up to 2-4 applications in them. They have ones for various skin types, and for different purposes for your face. They have one to help relieve stress, others are exfoliating and remove toxins in the skin, some are peel off, and the others are simply for hydration purposes. It’s like a day at the spa, but much more economical plus it’s fun adding different color face masks and sometimes scaring people! 🙂