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Rebate Apps are the new Savings Account Interest

Hello readers! Over the last few years, I’ve really developed an interest in saving as much money as possible, through any moral or legal means, after all I don’t want to do anything that is immoral, illegal or fatning 😜. I began searching online for different ways to save money, especially through coupons; with this research I learned about rebate apps such as Ibotta, … Read More Rebate Apps are the new Savings Account Interest

A "Unique" Way to Save

Hello readers! Do you love saving as much money as I do? From previous posts I’ve published, I’m sure you have learned by now that if I don’t have to pay full price for something, I’m certainly not going to. Today i went shopping with my mom and sister for some retail therapy, and what’s better than shopping….saving money WHILE shopping. We went to … Read More A "Unique" Way to Save

It Pays to Shop Online

Hello readers! Do you ever feel guilty about shopping too much? I know that for me, I need retail therapy, it really does work. You know what also really helps, knowing that I’m saving as much money as is possible. If you’ve read my previous posts, then you will know that I am a coupon fanatic, I will not pay full price for something, … Read More It Pays to Shop Online

A Good Money Saving Habit

Hello readers! I have an addiction–couponing! I’ve always been very budget conscious, but now that I’m a young adult working for my own money, and live in a very expensive real estate area, every money saving tip and trick I can do, I take advantage of! We all know about the good ol’ fashion coupons that you can cut out directly from the weekly … Read More A Good Money Saving Habit

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