Make Money with Reading!

Hello readers!

Over the past year, I have joined up with a wonderful company called Usborne Books and More. It is a book publishing company that sells excellent quality books at a very affordable price.

The books are designed for children beginning at a very young age, all the way up until high school, though anyone who likes the books can benefit and enjoy them!

You might be wondering from the title how you can make money from reading. Well let me explain. I became a consultant because not only can I read the books and enjoy them, but I now sell them. I signed up under a neighbor; she is my go to consultant when I have questions, or just overall want a team partner. Signing up is a one time fee, and you receive a welcome kit with all the information that you need, plus starting inventory of books, catalogs, and more. There are no quotas you have to meet per month, no minimum in sales, nothing. Just the amount of work YOU as the consultant want to put in, is what you get out of it. There are many different ways that you an earn money: web sales, Facebook parties, home shows, community fairs and more.

An added bonus, the more you sell, the more free books you earn, which then makes your inventory greater for future sales. This is all the while you can help encourage your student to want to learn to read and to make it a fun learning process. Everyone needs to learn to read, why not make it enjoyable!

Visit my consulting website to shop the catalog, and if you would like, become a consultant with me, that way you an start your own business, promoting a wonderful cause, LITERACY!


Paying for Life Skills

As an aspiring entrepreneur, and a young career female with many interests, its hard to pin point what I call an actual “career.” I am the proud co-owner of my start-up family business called “ABC 4 Higher Ventures.” Our business will be specializing in Consulting and Sales, so it leaves it open to be an umbrella company. There are many skills that can be included in our business.

My individual interests  have a hefty leaning on sales. I currently work in a sales job that is about getting the best design for your budget. Sales isn’t always about just trying to “sell” a product, but knowing what you are selling and all the options that can be included and alternatives available.

Being in a sales position is a wide variety of fields, from real estate, to a sales associate at a local or franchise business, and many in between.  Real estate, I’m learning as I have family working the in field, is more than just selling a home. Its’ about knowing the zip code areas, what the interested family is looking for, and all of the in between steps that involve the actual move. I have strongly thought about becoming involved in real estate as property values in my hometown of Tyson’s Corner in Northern Virginia are skyrocketing with all the the added business and transportation construction.

Another area of sales that people may not know about is affiliate marketing. Long story short, a business will reward a person if they advertise through linkage of a product and another buyer clicks on the link. You can read a more detailed description at the link provided above.

My point with all of these different types of sales is that learning these life skills can lead to more money in the bank and overall knowledge of a variety of different life interests You can have a career that involves many different components, so expand your horizon and don’t be afraid to have many interests, I’m not.

…..And the beat goes on

Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher, I had my heart set on it. You know what changed that–high school. I realized in high school that I didn’t want to pursue that career dream anymore. I then thought about marketing. Marketing is demanded in any field, right? Politicians need to have their campaigns very well marketed to gain voters, entertainers need to have their tour dates very well marketed so that fans know when and where their shows are. A major event going on in a small hometown needs to be advertised so that community residents know to attend. Marketing is everywhere.

March of this year, I was hired to work with a small marketing firm and work closely with the owner. I was very excited at this opportunity, not only was I working for a marketing business, but I also would see first hand how an entrepreneur runs a business. Funny thing is that I learned something that I never knew about myself with this job, I like conducting sales.

To briefly describe my job, my boss has various contracts with botanical gardens around the country. My job is to contact and invite those members of the gardens to renew expired/expiring memberships. The training that went into this job was very specific. I have so much more appreciation for the time that it took me to do the training and all of the specific details that went into it, customer service and product knowledge  really go hand in hand, and they help drive sales. I get a rush when I complete a sale, knowing that I persuaded the client to trust me and go through me to renew their membership.

I never thought I would be gain happiness like this before from a job, and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to explore this field. It has taught me that you should always keep your options open, and never say never to something. I’m in marketing and sales now, I know that I want to be in marketing, its just what type of marketing.

The whole point of my message is that you may think you know the answer to something, you try something new, and then realize a whole new world of another. Experiment, have fun, and learn.

Take Advantage of Sales

Last weekend, I went with my mother to Old Navy at Tysons Corner Center, for their annual $1 flip flop sale. Not only did they have this great promotion, but the entire store was up to 50% off. I take advantage of sales when possible. For example, if I see a piece of clothing that I can wear on multiple occasions, or that will never go out of style (I bought a simple knee length black skirt that is very comfortable) and the item is at a reasonable price, stock up and get a few of them. Sometimes there will be a limit of how many replicas of an item each customer can purchase, but if the item is a good price, and you can use on multiple occasion, don’t just purchase one.

I don’t normally take advantage of Black Friday deals, given Black Friday doesn’t even start on Friday anymore, but as early as 4pm Thanksgiving day.  Last Thanksgiving, I decided to see what the mall was like at 10pm Thanksgiving evening, given that not only do I live 5 minutes away from the mall, but it was 10pm, so most people have concluded their Thanksgiving Day observations. The mall was busy, but not the jam packed sardine level like I was expecting. The only store that caught my attention was Old Navy, which had the ENTIRE store 50% off. I knew I couldn’t pass this deal up. I told my mom about it, and given she has just woken up from her post Thanksgiving day turkey coma, I figured we both had enough energy to go and scope out a few items. We ended up there about 12:30am, and stayed until….well we stayed much longer than we had planned. BUT, we got new clothing for extremely good prices, and clothing that would last me all winter, and into the changing Spring season. Given it was 50% everything, we saved as much as we spent. If you have the funds to do some fun shopping, and need the items, don’t feel guilty of buying a few replicas of the same thing, especially if you will use the items as long as they will last. I know I’m enjoying some of the year round items on this hot summer day that I purchased on a very cold Black Friday morning!