Hillary Clinton–What Happened–My Review


We are nearly one year into the new administration, and I’m wondering how the hell we got here. I’m not going to go into much of my personal feelings of what I think of the policies and behaviors coming out of the White House, but I can definitely say I don’t see how we are setting a good example for our children when the President exhibits the behaviors he does.

I was/am a Hillary Clinton supporter, and I volunteered very hard for her campaign. I’m not saying she is perfect by any means, Mrs. Clinton has stated her faults in her book, What Happened in regards to her campaign; it is a very interesting and well written piece of literature.

Hillary Clinton goes into specifics about her lifelong career as a lawyer and of course her various political titles and experiences. Two of the major components that are covered in her book are those damn emails and of course Russia and its interference.

The different media outlets covered the emails on multiple occasion, even after investigations and hearings revealed no new major information came to surface. Hillary Clinton writes how she never really got a  chance to get her message out to the American voters because the focus was typically on this scandal.

There is another very detailed chapter about Russia and Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimr Putin. She describes it as dangerous.

Overall, my feelings of the book would give it a solid B+. I feel that it is a little bit long; you don’t really get into the meat of what happened during the campaign until the middle; the first half is a mixture of her overall life career, as opposed to simply sticking to the campaign. Those points are of course important to give a person the complete picture of who she is as a person and politician, but I felt there was too much added fluff.

I definitely would recommend this book to interested parties, just giving them the heads up that it does have those added tidbits, for the first half (still very interesting information to read!). Her experiences really show that when you want something so bad, and you may not get the accomplishment you are striving for so hard, not to give up. It was pretty painful to read the chapter on her losing, but, she kept everything as positive as possible. You have to give her credit for not ever giving up, no matter what is thrown at her.

I hope that if ever given the opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton, I will be among the many others who gets a hug and a selfie from her!

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Xo, Amanda

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I was hesitant to blog about this topic, but I figured, if people don’t talk about it, that is part of the problem.

The ending of 2017, a social media hashtag movement began, #metoo. When I first saw my friends posting theirs, I was wondering what the hashtag was all about. I quickly learned that it was about sexual Harassment and assault. I was saddened to see so many of my peers posting these simple yet hurtful words, giving an illustration that unwanted advancements, both verbally and physically, happen all too often. I too shared my own #metoo, however, I was very lucky that mine wasn’t a severe moment that put my life in a danger I couldn’t handle.

As the Golden Globes aired, I watched the opening monologue, hosted by Seth Meyers, and laughed at his jokes, but also realized many of them were not in reality funny as it was very much related to this whole #metoo movement and the men who came forward or were accused of unwanted behaviors. They are all horrible, but the one that truly broke my heart was hearing about Matt Lauer, though he specifically wasn’t brought up during the monologue. I grew up watching Matt on “Today” and truly was blindsided that a man I thought was a genuine respectable human being, had this other side to him.

I try to keep content politically neutral, but I can’t keep silent on this particular post. I find it so incredibly sad and pathetic that ever since Mr. Trump came into office, all these behaviors came to the surface from multiple sources. I still cannot believe that after the Access Hollywood Tape was brought to everyone’s attention, we still elected this man. It boggles me every single day, that a man who openly bragged about his sexual assault and harrasment tendencies because of his star power. How are we supposed to set an example for future generations, when the leader of the free world gets away with dialogue and sickening behaviors like this?

I guess I can say thank you in actuality to Mr. Trump for doing this. Not because his behavior is wonderful, but because this has now become a nationwide if not world wide discussion. Behavior and language like this will not be tolerated, afterall #timesup. Time is up because now women will be fighting harder for equality in all aspects, its 2018!!!!! Equal pay, no more #metoo because everyone should feel safe in both professional and personal environments. A side note to this, Hoda Kotb, who is now the official replacement of Matt Lauer has even said that even though she is doing the same work that Matt was doing previously, her salary isn’t anywhere close to his. Why isn’t she making equal pay for equal work?

I truly hope that all of these social movements will actually bring about change to our country and world, where we can respect one another, and the only thing that makes us different, is biology.

Thanks for reading.

Xo, Amanda

Women’s March on Washington

Now that the election and Inauguration are officially over, I feel like we can all breathe a bit. I proudly say that I attended my first protest, which was a very peaceful one. The Women’s March on Washington had several different messages voiced through the signs carried throughout the city by all of the individual patrons. There was a large crowd, a very large crowd, and by the numbers reported, surpassed the attendance of the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States.

I am not writing this as a bash of either political party, I am simply here to express some thoughts that I personally feel as a citizen of this great nation. First and for most, we ALL are created equal, I do not care what color you are, if you speak another language aside from English, if we don’t share the same religion, if we don’t share the same politics, what your sexual orientation or identity is, etc.. If you treat me with respect, I will do the same in return.

This election divided our country so much, and created so much hate. I want to live in a country where we look out for one another, where we don’t judge people, and especially are not trying to turn our country back 50 or 100 plus years, not after all of the work we have done. Of course, now that we have a new Commander in Chief, things are different, and based on the voice of President Trump’s campaign, he has a different vision aside from what President Obama worked for over the past eight years. I am not intending to start any fight, or rude comments, simply my observations from his campaign messages.

I hope over the next four years, we see some progression, and keep our country safe, and not undo all of the work that President Obama worked so hard for. No President is perfect, and I will leave this post with this: Knowledge is Power.