March for Our Lives

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Over the weekend, close to a million if not more attended the March for Our Lives rally in DC, (not evening counting the marches around the country) demanding for  more sensible gun laws. Over the years, the amount of mass shootings has reached a horrific number; yet politicians have only done so much to stop these mass shootings from happening, if not blocking important steps to enable more safety from these deadly weapons. 
Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am all for the Second Amendment, I have friends who own guns, I have shot a gun. I am not for taking guns away, I am in full support of keeping the Second Amendment in tact. What I am not in favor of, however, is how easily it for people who shouldn’t have access to firearms, and how these semi assault and automatic rifles are available for non military purposes. 
Back to the rally, I was so moved by all of the speeches, and musicians who came out showing all of their support. All of the speeches were very well done, but I must say I am biased and was most looking forward to hearing what Emma Gonzalez had to say. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you need to. I loved her speech, for anyone who didn’t see it, click here. Not only were her words and presence captivating, but the symbolism of the length of her entire stage time is what sent the chill down my spine; six minutes and 20 seconds of time on stage is how long it took for the deranged shooter to do his evil. Some frozen microwavable  dinners take longer to cook than the time it took to take 17 beautiful lives with a gun. 
What are some solutions that we need to enact to actually make a change? In no particular order, stop taking contributions from the NRA, yes Marco Rubio, you’re one the Politian’s I’m looking at. Vote for people who are going to take a stronger stance on gun laws, and background checks, don’t block them. Most importantly, stop having access for these high kill weapons available for standard civilian use. No one, except for people in combat, or highly trained and skilled security people like police or FBI, need access to these weapons. 
I’m only one person, but if we all take action and put our heads together, maybe one day, very much sooner than later, these mass shootings, and overall gun violence will become so seldom, we won’t be hearing about any gun tragedies again. Wishful thinking, but it can happen. 
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Hillary Clinton–What Happened–My Review


We are nearly one year into the new administration, and I’m wondering how the hell we got here. I’m not going to go into much of my personal feelings of what I think of the policies and behaviors coming out of the White House, but I can definitely say I don’t see how we are setting a good example for our children when the President exhibits the behaviors he does.

I was/am a Hillary Clinton supporter, and I volunteered very hard for her campaign. I’m not saying she is perfect by any means, Mrs. Clinton has stated her faults in her book, What Happened in regards to her campaign; it is a very interesting and well written piece of literature.

Hillary Clinton goes into specifics about her lifelong career as a lawyer and of course her various political titles and experiences. Two of the major components that are covered in her book are those damn emails and of course Russia and its interference.

The different media outlets covered the emails on multiple occasion, even after investigations and hearings revealed no new major information came to surface. Hillary Clinton writes how she never really got a  chance to get her message out to the American voters because the focus was typically on this scandal.

There is another very detailed chapter about Russia and Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimr Putin. She describes it as dangerous.

Overall, my feelings of the book would give it a solid B+. I feel that it is a little bit long; you don’t really get into the meat of what happened during the campaign until the middle; the first half is a mixture of her overall life career, as opposed to simply sticking to the campaign. Those points are of course important to give a person the complete picture of who she is as a person and politician, but I felt there was too much added fluff.

I definitely would recommend this book to interested parties, just giving them the heads up that it does have those added tidbits, for the first half (still very interesting information to read!). Her experiences really show that when you want something so bad, and you may not get the accomplishment you are striving for so hard, not to give up. It was pretty painful to read the chapter on her losing, but, she kept everything as positive as possible. You have to give her credit for not ever giving up, no matter what is thrown at her.

I hope that if ever given the opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton, I will be among the many others who gets a hug and a selfie from her!

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Xo, Amanda

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