Does the Pant Leg Fit?

I’ve been employed in my job of a little over 3 months,  and my professional wardrobe needs have changed. I work as a Sales Associate for a local, family owned floral shop. It’s a wonderful business, and I’m proud to be part of the family. My work attire asks for business causal, and of course I want to dress the part. I shop everywhere to find pants that fit my petite stature, and sometime strike gold, and other times, well it can be a real drag!…..on the floor. There will be that eventual time that not all pants are going to fit the length of my legs, and I either roll them up (skinny jeans) or I have to alter the pant leg myself.

The main step to alternations is to try on the pants, and to use sewing pins to hold the pant leg in place, after that, either, cut the pant leg with the appropriate sewing scissors, sew the pant leg up to the proper new length or do both! If you’re lucky, your kind and skillful mother will help you get the pants to the correct length.

Don’t give up if you can’t find the correct length in store, and don’t worry about finding an expensive tailor (unless you want to), this is where some helpful sewing skills come in to place! Happy sewing.


Marshall’s Department Store

A new school year is upon us, or has already started for some people, depending on your location and education level. I am starting a new job, so an updated wardrobe was calling my name. I didn’t have very many black, sophisticated petite work pants that not only are a good price but fit (pardon the pun!) all of my requirements: petite legs, stretchy waist area for both comfort and the days that you just need that breathing room, and looks professional but not stiff. Well, I found some great pants that were at my budget, and are stylin’! Marshalls Department store has some GREAT finds. I found them in the size P for length, and was very happy with the first glance outcome. Marshall’s is a great place to shop for great clothes, but not paying the designer label price. Check them out and find Marshall’s in your area.

Petite Complete Fashion–BTS

So here I decided to go into a little more bts detail on why I decided to do this website and attached blog.

During my second half of high school, so when I was a junior, I was involved in Internet Marketing, which at the time, was a newer concept. There was a brand new type of class that was being offered, Entrepreneurship. Of course being an entrepreneur is no new concept, however the idea of offering the class in a high school setting was very fresh and a novice idea. While I was not enrolled in the Entrepreneur class, my Internet Marketing teacher and classroom were right next to each other in connecting classrooms so there were many times I had an exposure to Entrepreneurship class.

I have since carried a torch for wanting to be my own boss. No, as of this website launch, I am not a successful, very well known one….yet! And I’m not saying that this will happen to me, but that is my goal, and everyone has to start from somewhere.

I thought to myself for months how could I put together a website about something that I related to, something that I was passionate about, and something that was MINE; thus Petite Complete Fashion came about. I have always been short, petite, vertically challenged, whatever you want to call it. I have very often had issues finding clothing that fits my bottom half without being torn up just a few months later. More retail clothing businesses have become much better about designing pants and jeans for people who do have petite legs. Obviously I cannot change my height, and to be 100% honest, I am very happy being petite, (I don’t have far to fall when I trip 🙂 )

This site has given me a chance to create something of my own, and the start to being my own boss. I am putting this site together all on my own (with the help of software of course.)  In the end, this site is something that every entrepreneur strives to have: passion and success.

So thank you to each and everyone for visiting my site and blog and help me continue my journey!!!!