Phone Apps That Get YOU Cash!

Hello everyone!

As we enter into the second month of 2019, (can you believe it?!?!?)…..where does the time go? I have learned that with all of the apps that come with our phones, why not make them work for us, and get us some extra money? I am going to share with you many of the apps that I utilize to in order to bring in small, but definitely nice little bits of change. You can use my codes (pretty please!) to get started, I will explain how each of them work.

1) Job Spotter: Job Spotter is an app brought to you by I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I’ve already earned over $20, so not a huge amount, but every little penny adds up!

The process is super simple. When you find a place of business that is hiring, you take two photos: one of the actual hiring sign, and one of the store front. Make sure the two pictures are as close up and clear as possible. The better the submission, the more points you earn. You can earn up to 150 points ($1.50) per post. Every post is different, some will earn you higher points while others will earn lower points. 

You are able to see all of your submissions in one nice page to keep track of your points!
One of the ways to earn points is through verifying submissions. You are given two photos, one of the hiring sign and the other of the store front. The app will ask you if they are clear photos of the hiring sign and you either say yes or no, and then will ask if the business (it will tell you what the name of the business should be) and you either say yes or no. These submissions are worth 10 points per round of verification. You can complete a bunch of entries in one day, but you will reach a daily limit and have to wait for it to reset to resume verifying. 
2) GetUpside: With the prices of gas, groceries, and restaurants, the smallest amounts of cash back add up really quickly. I personally have only used this app for gas cash back, but there are other options as you will see. Again, you won’t make a huge amount back in a fast amount of time, but say it with me….every penny adds up. In the few months I been using GetUpside, I’ve earned $12 back already. You CAN use this in conjunction with fuel points that you earn from your local participating grocery store, however, if multiple discounts are combined for one entry, the amount of cash given back is lowered….just fyi. Once you determine which deals you want to claim…in this example gas, you simply click on the claim button, and then you upload your proof of purchase between the hours given, and then boom, wait for approval and the cash comes in. Use my referral code: AMANDA145 to get started, and get earnings from referral friend purchases as well! 

3) Ibotta: I have been using Ibotta for a couple years now, and have earned back over $200! Ibotta is also super simple to use. You can earn cash back on groceries, shopping– especially online. You can customize the retailers you use on a frequent basis, and then claim products, and redeem all by uploading the receipt. Cash will be added into your account after the software approves your submission. 

And yes, you can invite friends with your referral code and earn $5 when they sign up and use Ibotta. SO….my own plug– use my code gaotcgw to help a sister out!

 4) Ebates: Ebates—if you shop online, and of course in store, you HAVE to download this app and use the website. Seriously, I’m not kidding, hundreds of retailers will give you cash back just from going through their links provided on retail purchases you are going to do anyways. Not all categories within a retailer (ahem Amazon) qualify, but there are so many different options, that I guarantee you that you will make cash back. Because my purchases aren’t always qualifying, my cash back is low, but I still have earned back almost $30! Use my referral code link to get $25 when your referral signs up and spends $25 and they earn $10!

I will be offended if you don’t use my referral codes to get started on getting cash back on your own purchases. Ok not really offended, well kinda, sorta. Just do it. You’ll thank me later 😃😃

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Starting an Online Business

Hello readers!

I want to bring about a topic or a rather large topic that is near and dear to my heart…..

Starting an online business….ahem….!

I have had a passion for being an entrepreneur; I have always loved the idea of being my own boss. I completed an internet marketing class my senior year of high school; it really opened my eyes to what the internet was capable of. Keep in mind, when I took this class, the internet had definitely been around for quite some time, but the concept of actually conducting business online through different marketing strategies was a growing concept that has developed into our digital world.

When people say they have an online business, there are several facets to that statement, as the sky is the limit. There are many different online businesses: major companies like Amazon not only is the massive empire that it is, but adding on to its revenue with individuals who make side income or more from selling as an individual or professional seller.

There are pros and cons to selling on Amazon: the pro as a professional seller is that you have access to many different resources, however, there is a $39.99 fee each month. That fee isn’t a lot if you are consistently selling which in return brings you a ROI. One of the cons that I do not like about selling on Amazon is the very specific product information you need for data input. I have very gently used items that are still in excellent “like new” condition, but because I don’t have exact information needed (UPC); so the chances of selling that item becomes much more cumbersome. Don’t let me take away motivation from becoming a seller, I’m always striving to learn information and have success with selling on Amazon, currently though, as an individual seller which does not require any high monthly fees.

Another aspect of Amazon which I really do love is its affiliate marketing program. For those who aren’t familiar, affiliate marketing is when a user advertises a product or service and when a customer purchases from the associated link provided, the individual providing the link receives a small commission percentage from the sale.

So…. I’m going to plug my own affiliate link. My family LOVES these Nugo Slim protein bars, they are vegan and gluten free for people with dietary sensitivities. They are low in sugar, high in protein and fiber and come in differing flavors. Get them, they’re good! And to make them sound even better, they are dipped in dark chocolate, so what’s not to love about them? Yum!

Everyone knows about Ebay. I’ll be honest, I really thought Ebay wasn’t going to stick around after Amazon became what it is today. Upon further research, Ebay appears to be much more user friendly for sellers like me who are getting started and are selling personal items as an individual seller vs an established business. There aren’t as many restrictions and listing inventory is a lot easier. Check out my listings page here!

Moving on to another aspect of online businesses; rebate selling apps with an accompanying website. There are a variety of selling apps you can download to your phone/use the website to sell your own personal items. I have used the Poshmark app and website to sell my own gently used, like new items. Poshmark allows you to sell clothes, shoes, accessories and more. They do take a commission around 30%, which covers your shipping label. Visit my personal Poshmark account here!

Facebook, is always updating their software and user interaction capabilities; they added a new feature last year called the marketplace which allows for users to sell items as well. The inventory categories are endless, and it appears thus far there are no selling fees, which is great! My personal Facebook selling place is here, check it out!

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways to sell exclusively online from your own personal inventory of items taking up space in your house that will be a treasure to someone else. Thanks for reading and hope you find some treasures from my various sites.




Hello everyone!

Happy New year to you all!

Now that the holidays are winding down, people are getting back into their routines, kids going back to school, and the start of the New Year is here. One of my resolutions that I have made to myself is to blog more and talk about interesting content. I was sitting here at my desk thinking, what do people want to read about? How will I keep other’s attention?

Well….one thing that I think we can all agree on is that we love our tech toys and gadgets. A gift that my family received for Christmas was a wonderful Amazon Echo that many refer to as “Alexa.” “Alexa” is awesome, she gives you a lot of useful information when asked. All you have to do is set her up to the Wi-Fi and then download the app to your phone or device and then program the settings based on your preferences. I personally have my location set up so that we can have up to the minute weather reporting, as well as any question that is geographically impacted can be answered as accurately as possible. Other settings include setting up your favorite music stations, whether it be through Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can ask of “Alexa.” She will give you facts based on availability  (I asked how old the Queen of England is, 91 for her Royal Majesty!) Want to hear a joke, “Alexa, tell me a joke”….and she will deliver. Want to set a timer for cooking “Alexa, set cooking time for 15 minutes.” Want a soft alarm clock, “Alexa wake me up at 6am to soft music.” You can also link her to your Amazon Prime Account and ask her to order you something and receive updates as to the status of your order.

Need more suggestions, there is a “Skills” email you can subscribe to and you will receive a weekly email as to new suggestions you can try with “Alexa.” Go ahead and discover the power and convenience behind this new gadget, you’ll love it as much as we do. Click here to get yours today!

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xo, Amanda

Frugality is Financial Freedom!

Hello my darlings!
You may have noticed a theme by now, I really love to save money, who doesn’t?! I go online to YouTube and learn a lot from people who have mastered their techniques, so I will share many of the things I learned as well as my own general knowledge.

Lets dive right in!

1) Thrift Shopping
I’ve gotten many compliments on items that I have purchased from thrift stores, some of which would have costs up the hundreds of dollars to purchase that I got for at least 90% off!  I love to ice skate, in fact, I almost took up figure skating as a young girl. I also had an immense interest in dance so I had to choose between dance and skating; my dad was much more supportive of dance (cost less and wasn’t as potentially dangerous.) Well I was thrift shopping  and one day noticed a pair of lightly used white ice skates in the corner, just like professional females use. I thought there is no way they’re going to fit me, but the gods were looking down on me that day, a perfect fit! I then thought, well how much are they? Ready for it? A whopping $4!!! I showed them to my mom and she couldn’t believe it, given they were in such good condition, even had skate guard protectors on them.
Not only do I now own my own personal skates,  I’ve already saved money from not having to rent skates when I venture out to go skating!

Another fun purchase that we did thrift shopping is a pair of Gucci shoes. Gucci shoes can easily go up to the thousands of dollars. Well, once again, same thrift store and wonderful pricing…..$25. Goes to show you can find remarkable goodies for a fraction of the price.
2) Save in store and online without coupons
I learned that if you want to save some money online shopping, just put your items into the cart and don’t check them out right away. Wait at least 24 hours that way you a) know for a fact that you really want to purchase the item(s) but also, the software will often notice that you haven’t immediately purchased, so they may offer you a small discount to give you and incentive to purchase. Give it a try! All you have to lose is less money!

A way to save in-store without using coupons is to take advantage of the store brand and not the name brand. I learned online that many of the time the store brand is just as good as name brand, the only reason consumers pay more for the name brand is to finance for commercial advertising, as well as product testing. As a disclaimer, I have tested out the name brand vs store brand and have found myself favoring the name brand at times. To me the product is overall better, but that is just a personal preference. Point is, there are many times where you can still get good quality using store brand products vs name brand.

3) Online Rebate Sites

I have talked about these rebate sites before, like, Consumers can save even more online using different websites like these. Ebates includes not only coupon codes but a percentage cash back. I actually received my first check today, it wasn’t huge, just a little over $6, but its a start. This was simply just from some online shopping. There are several ways to save, you just have to learn how to do it.

I hope these few tips are helpful. Leave a comment on how you save money!

It Pays to Shop Online

Hello readers!

Do you ever feel guilty about shopping too much? I know that for me, I need retail therapy, it really does work. You know what also really helps, knowing that I’m saving as much money as is possible. If you’ve read my previous posts, then you will know that I am a coupon fanatic, I will not pay full price for something, if I don’t have to.

My friends know my need to stay on budget, and they have introduced to me to two amazing websites, that maybe you have heard of as well, they are called “” and “”

From what I have seen, they both are pretty similar in their overall missions to save money for consumers, the only difference is that Ebates may provide a slightly higher percentage in money back. From what I have seen thus far, Ebates provides you links to items on sale through different retailers, and additionally offers a small percentage back on that same transactions through the Ebates website itself. For example, through Ebates, if I was looking for Ralph Lauren items, if I click on the accompanying link, I can not only save up to 40% off of my purchase, but Ebates itself will also reimburse me 15% cash back. That’s a pretty good deal, simply for shopping through a discount website.

You might be thinking if Ebates provides that additional cash back and Retail Me Not doesn’t, why would you bother shopping on Retail Me Not. Well, here’s how I look at it. Not every website will provide the discount that you are looking for, so even though Ebates might have the additional small money rebate back, if they don’t have that discount listed, but Retail Me Not does, well, you are still saving money, regardless. Beggers can’t be choosers after all. I personally have shopped from both discount websites and am very happy that I’ve stumbled upon both money saving tactics.

I sure hope that I’ve helped you with another money saving strategy. Happy (less guilty) shopping!