Bargain or Bust?

A component that I take into consideration while shopping is if my purchase will be a bargain or a bust. I don’t *always* hugely considering my purchase, especially if it is a fun item that won’t break my wallet. 


I remember seven years ago I was shopping with my mom at Macys and we found this very cute little black strapless cocktail like dress that not only was very cute, but was only $70. Now before you go saying only $70, it was a dress that I could use many times for many different occasions. Every lady needs a cute little black dress, and when you can wear it for many different occasions, how could we pass it up. I feel guilty if I spend over $25-$30 on one piece of everyday clothing (or the few special attire occasions), I’m always on a budget, but if I can see it as an investment purchase, where I’ll be able to wear it many times, and the price is reasonable, then I (we) will purchase. Don’t always let the price tag be the deciding factor–not saying to go and blow all of your money, but if you can see many uses for an item that might cost a little bit more than you normally would spend, in actuality, you’re not spending much more than you would on smaller more frequent purchases. Just a little food for thought.