DIY Pampering


Ladies (and gents), when was the last time you pampered yourself?  Everyone has their own different versions of TLC; maybe its retail therapy, or a night out dancing, heck, it could just be a night in, with a good glass of wine, a book, and a nice fuzzy blanket. Some of my personal favorites are DIY, saving my bank account. 
For Christmas, I was given an Amazon gift card, and trust me, it wasn’t hard to spend. One gift that I’ve been wanting to treat myself to for a long time is an at home gel manicure and pedicure set. I went on to Amazon and got one that was pretty budget friendly only ($23.99!), this UV light dries the gel polish so quickly and effectively. The gel polishes that I got came in a pack of 6, with different colors, you can choose varying packs with color options, these are the ones I chose, and they came out great! 

Another fun DIY pamper is for your hair. Ladies, do you want super soft and healthy hair? Try my secret, I got this recipe online and it works. A tip for this, put the mask on dirty hair, it absorbs better, and then shampoo and condition as you would normally.
I don’t measure anything, I just eyeball the amount. Put in a sauce pan on low heat, (this is very important because the mixture heats up very quickly) raw honey and coconut oil. Let both melt and then lather your entire head in the mixture. Keep on for 30 minutes to an hour, either in a pony tail, or a head piece you don’t mind washing. Rinse out the mixture first in the shower and then wash. Your hair will look very shiny and soft, I’ve gotten many compliments on how healthy my hair looks. This method is very budget friendly, and they are ingredients you can eat, so you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals on your hair. 
Happy TLC!
Thanks for reading.
Xo, Amanda
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Miracle 10

We all have different hair types; I have been blessed with having straight hair, that doesn’t require any blow drying. I have noticed, however, as I matured that my hair, especially in the warmer season, gets poufy after I have washed it. I also have noticed that every time I have gotten my hair cut, my hair is always smooth and silky after I leave the hair salon. It then dawned on me why the change in my hair texture and volume is different when I leave the salon. My hair dresser has used a wonderful leave in conditioner called Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Product. This product is so wonderful. It attacks 10 problems in one, hence for the name. It add softness, controls frizz, provides shine, so many benefits. Check it out!

The product is a little pricey, depending on your budget, but it is totally worth it. I personally purchased mine from Walmart for roughly $18, however different retailers will sell it for different pricing.

All you need to do is wash and condition your hair as normal, towel dry, and then spray the product in, and comb it through. That’s it. Its wonderful and smells great too.