Stormy Daniels: My take on "Full Disclosure"

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I recently finished Stormy Daniels’ newly published book Full Disclosure. I admit, I was very interested in reading her publication to hear about all the juicy details on her encounter and alleged affair with Donald Trump. Her critics will say that she published this book simply for the publicity and sales, however, she seems genuine and very detailed in her recollection of events. There are two things Stormy made very clear: she loathes being called a liar, and her approach to handling this scandal was to protect her daughter and husband.

Michael Avenatti opened the book with a ringing endorsement of his client. We have similar viewpoints of Stormy; regardless of her chosen career path, she seems to be a genuine career professional and woman.

Daniels opened her book with details of her childhood and life. She had a very complicated and abused childhood; both her parents didn’t provide a stable upbringing; which you can say prepared her to be the tough cookie she is today. No spoilers will be included, but as a child, she endured abuse and situations no little girl should ever be exposed to.

One stable force in her life is her love of horses. Through her own work ethic and work schedule, she was able to buy/adopt her favorite and loyal horse, Jade. Though Jade is no longer with her, she feels at home and happy whenever she is able to bond and ride horses.

Stormy got her start in the stripper/porn industry by working at a club called “Cinnamons.” She proved herself to be a professional as she learned the tactics of the industry, offering variations of services (writer, director, actress, etc.) When her superiors doubted her talents,  she only proved them wrong with completed project samples.

Her career is what got her introduced to Donald Trump. She was making a work appearance at Mr. Trumps golf properties and then one thing lead to another, by his persistent initiation…you can read the book to find out the details 😉

All of the events resulting from their encounter and Mr. Trump declaring his candidacy, covering it up, and more, created a living hell for her.

I personally believe her, but to each their own. I wish nothing but the best for Stormy Daniels and hope she has a happy and successful life and continues killing it with her career.

I recommend this book to anyone curious about the whole controversy; its a good, read, and funny!

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Caretaker: It’s not Just a Job, Its Love

Hello everyone,

This post is a very personal one, but one that I feel many will be able to relate to. I debated about writing about this for a while, was it too personal, should I stick to more career, and upbeat topics? No. Every now and then I like to reflect about personal things in my life, and this one has been going on for about three years.

I am one of the primary caretakers for an aging parent. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it sucks. By this, I don’t mean they are a burden, I mean it sucks to see a family member you love so dearly, struggling with their health, especially aging problems.

About three years ago, my parent said to me and my family “you don’t know what’s coming.” I sure as hell didn’t. I thought they meant something in society, politically, anything but what actually has come about. Although not officially diagnosed, my parent is resembling symptoms very similar to Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, along with other health problems from pre-existing conditions. Let me say its hard. There are some days where I can not do a damn thing right, everything is wrong. Even small tasks such as vacuuming the carpet upsets them, because it’s too loud. Small things, large things, it doesn’t matter, I am wrong.

I really have to keep my patience in line, because to me, what I am doing is perfectly normal and an every day activity, but to them, its not. That’s one of the problems with these diseases, not thinking clearly. It is very scary, the patient once had total control of everything, and now their mind is slipping, its very very hard. All I want to do is help, but yet, I feel like a failure when my efforts aren’t enough.

My situation is a bit unique. I am a young adult, who lives at home with both mom and dad. I live in a very expensive real estate area. For some, they would say, “why haven’t you moved out of your parent’s house, and have your own life and career.”

Well for those people, I all I have to say is this; assisted living and nursing homes are damn expensive.  I know what my parent needs at this time, and although some days I want to crack, I have the patience to deal with them. Some nursing home and assisted living places I’m sure are wonderful, others aren’t. I could never live with myself if I didn’t do everything humanly possible to make their life as easy as possible, even if it takes some sacrifice right now, so be it. I am called names, I am told how I am crazy, one moment, I get an immense thank you for my efforts, and then a moment later, its the exact opposite.

This message is for all the caretakers out there; you can do it. I am, and even though I don’t feel that I get much appreciation in return, I know the reward is there; I get that much more time with my parent. It’s worth the frustration and tears.

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Tysons Corner–America’s Next Great City

Hello readers!

I live right outside of our Nation’s Capitol, in the heart of Tyson’s Corner, which actually has been named America’s next great city! My family actually owns the domain name, We would love to talk to anyone interested in creating a great website for it!

I have been a resident of Vienna/Tysons Corner for nearly 20 years and have had a first hand witness to of the all of the real estate developments. Tysons Corner mall  has been one of the major changes in local attractions in the area. About ten years ago, one of the first huge developments that changed the mall was the addition of the movie theater and additional food court. Developers built it so that patrons could enjoy the convenience of the theatre directly adjacent to the food court offering a variety of different dining options, as well as TGI Fridays restaurant for a more formal restaurant experience.
Other additions to the mall are the constantly changing retail stores, and most recently, the plaza which was developed Summer of 2014. The plaza during the winter months has the ice skating rink available, as well as the annual Christmas tree lighting in addition to fire pits to cozy up to. During Spring and Summer, the plaza offers free events such as the Summer concert series, as well as outdoor family friendly games and activities. The Shake Shack is in one corner of the plaza offering delicious burger and of course milk shake options. Other dining options on the plaza are the Barrel and Bushel with both indoor and outdoor seating for drinks and dining, Earls Kitchen and Bar, and Eddie V’s.  

The other really great attraction, or in this case, lodging/living arrangements are the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the Vita Tysons apartments. The hotel is connected to the Barrel and Bushel restaurant and the mall, while the apartments are connected to the silver metro line, which was added just a few years ago. The metro is a great transportation addition for not only bus lines into DC, but also transportation around the area.
Tysons City truly is a great area to live, as its not only family friendly, but also provides a sense of community. The Vienna Community Center has various community events, there are thrift stores, library, several schools to accommodate the various zip codes, etc.  

A Year of Sacrifice

This week will mark one year of a life changing event; I was let go from a company that I worked very hard for, and it was a huge shock for me. I considered this job a foot in the door into something I saw doing for the rest of my life; being my own boss. I was working for a small family business, locally owned. Employed are about 50 people during majority of the calendar year, during high sales volume we had extra staff to assist with the extra needs, so you could say it was a very family oriented environment. We all worked together, though we all specialized in our own specific job description, there was no task that that we could turn down because it wasn’t “our job” to do.

Some of you reading this may wonder, why is the anniversary of a job loss so important and en-grained in my thinking. The answer is simple: I pass by the business on a daily basis whenever I drive into town as it is a mile from my house. Another reason why this loss was so big for me was because I felt that it happened through a misunderstanding. I never was given the chance to defend myself and tell my side of a story that could easily have cleared up a miscommunication. It was simply one person’s word and then bam, I was out. Oh well, I will always know my actions and that I worked as hard as I could.

They say everything happens for a reason. Right after this job loss occurred, a family medical crisis was beginning and I had to take action. Because I was no longer at my job I was able to put all my focus on my family member who needed some desperate help keeping their health in check. I was there to provide transportation to medical appointments, I was there to help with moral support, I was there to help keep the household running with cooking, cleaning, whatever was needed. I was there. This is all the while trying to figure out how to keep myself happy and my next career aspiration and passion.

I truly believe in the idea that no one will ever understand what a person has gone through until they walk a day, a week, a month, a year and so on in their shoes. Life can be beautiful, and life sure as hell can be ugly. This post is more of a reflection of this past year. All the while taking care of my family member who I can say has the treatment they need, and will always have a shoulder to lean on. All of the hours I sacrificed for myself to help my family member will never be wasted. Sure, it wasn’t fun, and at times, very depressing because I felt I wasn’t doing enough, it will always be a chapter of my life that will never be forgotten. Even though I had to put my goals on a back burner to help my family member, not once can I say that I regret doing it. I feel my help will have forever have made a major impact on their health, for the better.