Employment Websites

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been pondering about what to talk, what is of interest, informative and worth the read? Well one topic that I’ve been doing a lot of research on is employment websites.

Back in the day, most people looked for jobs in newspapers, and other print materials vs the now multitude of websites available. The hard part is knowing which sites are credible, have legit employment opportunities, all of that fun stuff. Another major difficulty in finding the perfect job is the accuracy in the job description made available.

Let me clarify.

I have viewed hundreds of jobs, and two of which I was employed by weren’t 100% honest in their job descriptions. To protect identity, I’m not going to identify the employers but I will say what happened. One employer is a small family owned business. The job description and interview process described working part time hours, an estimated 20-25 hours per week, with a few weekends involved. I had no problem with that. I also had a set schedule of working early afternoon until closings. Within the first month, I realized that wasn’t the case. Over the total time working working for this small business, I had a total of 4 weekends off. Additionally, I was never informed that I would be working opening to close on Saturday’s (closed for business on Sundays.) During the interview process, they mentioned that certain times of the year would be more demanding than others, as does happen with most places of employment. What did they didn’t mention was for those weeks where it’s incredibly busy, you have no set schedule. They could change your schedule around at anytime, and you must adhere to it, unless a previous arrangement was made.

Before I get anyone saying how I was lucky to be employed, that is not my reason for explaining this. I was never informed of this information until AFTER signing my employment agreement papers. Employers need to be upfront with all of their expectations in the job description and interview process. To back this statement, I attended a job hiring seminar, teaching the tips and techniques of landing that perfect job; one of the key concepts was about how job descriptions are only maybe 80% truthful. Additionally, many times, a candidate might be perfectly qualified for the position, however, if another candidate is personally recommended through networking connections, their resume is bumped to the very top of the bundle, giving that particular person a much higher advantage of obtaining the position. Fair right?

This isn’t meant to be a complaining post, but rather constructive criticism for employers. As employees, we want to know exactly what is expected of us at the beginning of the initial application, transitioning into interview process, if granted, to know it will be a good match for both employee and employer. Communication is key, and the only way to ensure that business relationship is professional.

I would love to hear any thoughts you readers have.

Thanks for reading!