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Miss USA-Let’s to Reality

I’m sitting here watching the #MissUsa2015 pagent and while I love watching beauty pagents (time permitting,) there is one problem I have with it; I feel like it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole concept. These pagents are not reality. Of course women are perfectly entitled to be fit and healthy, and beautiful, but not every single person is over 5’5 and has … Read More Miss USA-Let’s to Reality

…..And the beat goes on

Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher, I had my heart set on it. You know what changed that–high school. I realized in high school that I didn’t want to pursue that career dream anymore. I then thought about marketing. Marketing is demanded in any field, right? Politicians need to have their campaigns very well marketed to gain voters, entertainers need to have … Read More …..And the beat goes on

Petite Complete Fashion–BTS

So here I decided to go into a little more bts detail on why I decided to do this website and attached blog. During my second half of high school, so when I was a junior, I was involved in Internet Marketing, which at the time, was a newer concept. There was a brand new type of class that was being offered, Entrepreneurship. Of … Read More Petite Complete Fashion–BTS

DIY Hair Care-Ingredients You Can Eat!

I wish I could take credit for this tid bit of information, but recently I read online about a very effective DIY hair care treatment that will not only make your hair super soft and shiny, but is also completely natural, and very generous on your pocket book as well. Two magical ingredients. Ya ready? Coconut Oil and Honey. That’s it. While the thought … Read More DIY Hair Care-Ingredients You Can Eat!

Fashion to Face Care!

I am one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to deal with a ton of acne from my early teens on. That doesn’t mean that I slack off with my face care, I just don’t to worry as much! I use a variety of different products, the only specifics that I use are mostly natural, simple, and clean ingredients. One of the face … Read More Fashion to Face Care!

Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

One of my favorite places to shop, quite honestly, is thrift stores. One of the main ones I visit on a frequent basis is Penny Wise, which is located in the heart of Vienna, VA. Penny Wise sells most things, like clothes, books, shoes, office supplies, purses, jewelry, kid’s items, and other goodies. I find many great options there, some are very worn items, … Read More Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

Take Advantage of Sales

Last weekend, I went with my mother to Old Navy at Tysons Corner Center, for their annual $1 flip flop sale. Not only did they have this great promotion, but the entire store was up to 50% off. I take advantage of sales when possible. For example, if I see a piece of clothing that I can wear on multiple occasions, or that will … Read More Take Advantage of Sales

Bargain or Bust?

A component that I take into consideration while shopping is if my purchase will be a bargain or a bust. I don’t *always* hugely considering my purchase, especially if it is a fun item that won’t break my wallet.    I remember seven years ago I was shopping with my mom at Macys and we found this very cute little black strapless cocktail like dress … Read More Bargain or Bust?

From Office to On the Town

June 19, 2015 Do you ever stress about how to make a wardrobe change from being the working girl to out on the town? Well all it involves is some simple planning and creativity. One tip is to bring some extra makeup with you in your purse, like a darker eye liner for a smokey look, or to use makeup that you can double … Read More From Office to On the Town

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