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Hello! I was hesitant to blog about this topic, but I figured, if people don’t talk about it, that is part of the problem. The ending of 2017, a social media hashtag movement began, #metoo. When I first saw my friends posting theirs, I was wondering what the hashtag was all about. I quickly learned that it was about sexual Harassment and assault. I … Read More #MeToo

Tysons Corner–America’s Next Great City

Hello readers! I live right outside of our Nation’s Capitol, in the heart of Tyson’s Corner, which actually has been named America’s next great city! My family actually owns the domain name, We would love to talk to anyone interested in creating a great website for it! I have been a resident of Vienna/Tysons Corner for nearly 20 years and have had a … Read More Tysons Corner–America’s Next Great City

Progresso Stew

Hello! Brrrrr, it’s been freezing outside, literally. Today it went up to maybe 20° outside. Everyone loves a good hot meal on a cold winter day like today. Sometimes, though, you don’t have the time, or desire to cook, yet crave a delicious meal in a flash. One thing my family does is buy Progresso soup and then bulk them up! It’s like a … Read More Progresso Stew


Hello everyone! Happy New year to you all! Now that the holidays are winding down, people are getting back into their routines, kids going back to school, and the start of the New Year is here. One of my resolutions that I have made to myself is to blog more and talk about interesting content. I was sitting here at my desk thinking, what … Read More "Alexa"


Hello everyone! Have you all heard about Fiverr? It’s an online gig market place you can go to, to not only offer services of your own work, but conduct business with professionals in different fields like Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation and more. From my understanding, Fiverr is all about selling and purchasing these different services at an affordable … Read More Fiverr

Everyone Loves Money!

Hello everyone! Money. It’s something that everyone loves and needs to have, but many of us feel that we may not be earning as much as we are worth. Many of us are putting in long hours, yet still struggle to pay the bills. It shouldn’t be this difficult, right? I know that I get a lot of anxiety of how I will be … Read More Everyone Loves Money!

Frugality is Financial Freedom!

Hello my darlings! You may have noticed a theme by now, I really love to save money, who doesn’t?! I go online to YouTube and learn a lot from people who have mastered their techniques, so I will share many of the things I learned as well as my own general knowledge. Lets dive right in! 1) Thrift Shopping I’ve gotten many compliments on … Read More Frugality is Financial Freedom!

Social Media: Professional or Personal?

Eleven years ago, I was sent an invitation from a girlfriend to join this social media platform called “Facebook.” I joined, and learned that I could connect with as many or as few friends as I wished, upload information about myself, publish pictures, “like” a post and many more interactions. Today, Facebook is so popular that it is not only utilized as a personal … Read More Social Media: Professional or Personal?

A "Unique" Way to Save

Hello readers! Do you love saving as much money as I do? From previous posts I’ve published, I’m sure you have learned by now that if I don’t have to pay full price for something, I’m certainly not going to. Today i went shopping with my mom and sister for some retail therapy, and what’s better than shopping….saving money WHILE shopping. We went to … Read More A "Unique" Way to Save

Make Money with Reading!

Hello readers! Over the past year, I have joined up with a wonderful company called Usborne Books and More. It is a book publishing company that sells excellent quality books at a very affordable price. The books are designed for children beginning at a very young age, all the way up until high school, though anyone who likes the books can benefit and enjoy … Read More Make Money with Reading!

Miracle 10

We all have different hair types; I have been blessed with having straight hair, that doesn’t require any blow drying. I have noticed, however, as I matured that my hair, especially in the warmer season, gets poufy after I have washed it. I also have noticed that every time I have gotten my hair cut, my hair is always smooth and silky after I leave … Read More Miracle 10

Homemade Crab Cakes

It has become a tradition recently for my dad’s birthday to have homemade crab cakes for dinner. Yes, we can always buy then from any store or go to a local restaurant and pay $20 buck a pop for them. Why not make your own? The recipe I did: 2lbs of crab meat, lemon juice, mustard,  egg, mayonnaise, Old Bay seasoning, crushed croutons and … Read More Homemade Crab Cakes

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