Regular Price to Coupon Price

I have blogged about this before, and I will blog about it again, I LOVE to coupon. I have found multiple ways to reduce the cost of my grocery bill, and I want to share it all with you all. is a new treasure that I discovered last Fall, 2016, and it has been such a welcoming surprise. I clip all of the coupons that I need, print and scan! One key concept that I only recently learned was that you can combine multiple different discount techniques: in store promotion, digital coupons through the app, and now manufacture coupons both through the newspaper and through online sources, such as

One very exciting money saving tip that I have is how to get an item that is not on sale at all, down to only one dollar. I recently took up consuming Boost for the nutritional benefits as well as a yummy protein shake. Depending on your budget, purchasing Boost on a weekly basis can get expensive. I became lucky the past two weeks; I managed to get this nearly $10 pack of protein shakes down to only $1.19. How? I had a digital coupon through my CVS app for $2 off of Boost shakes, I had a $2.oo off coupon I had printed out through and I had 20%off any item in store at CVS. Combine all those together, and I was able to get a nearly 90% off discount. Talk about a money saver!

I plan on purchasing my next pack soon, as I have $2.00 off again through, I now have a $3.00 off through the app and I have $3.00 in Extra Care rewards to use, so once again a major discount, and this is before the item even goes on sale in the store. It is possible to get a significant discount on your own, without an in store promotion, you just need to be educated on the different saving techniques and have good timing.


So this is a very honest question I have: how do YouTubers become sponsored. There are so many competitors out there creating all sorts of different content; everyday products they use, clothing and makeup purchases, and straight up fun and creative videos. How do you go about getting “discovered.”

My questioning behind this comes with having an entrepreneurial passion. Lets face it; the world has gone digital, yes there are still plenty of tangible ways of life, but a lot has transferred to mobile devices. Social media in its infancy was and is still Facebook, yet, there are newly developed applications competing with one another constantly. Facebook originally was created for personal exposure, and now many consider it more on the professional side with businesses promoting their services, and advertisements on the sides, targeting different members interests. Instagram even has become much more professional. Not in anyway saying businesses don’t have a right to advertise through social media, just that it clearly shows that social media exposure has changed the way our world operates.

People are becoming “Facebook” and “YouTube” stars based on various content they are sharing, everyday content that goes viral. What makes them so much more special and noticed? Just some thought that I have. Feel free to comment.