A Little Reflection

So I’ve been a little quiet on here, life has been very hectic. From beginning a new job, to a sudden family manner, life has just flown on by. I’ve been thinking a lot about how your life can just change so quickly in the shortest amount of time. Life for the most part has been good, but there is always that one thorn on the rose that sticks out, big or small. This thorn that has hit my family is medium, but with optimism, can be solved.

I have done a lot of reflection on life, from personal to professional goals, and I feel that I am striving and succeeding. I have learned that you must step out of your comfort zone in order to get things accomplished. I love the rush that you get once you have stepped out and done something you feel impossible at the beginning. My personal goals have been to expand my network and gain more friendships that provide me with intellectual stimulation. My professional goals have been to find a job that I enjoy and to start-up a small family business. Thus far, both of those are working, pardon the pun 🙂

This posting isn’t as much informative as it is reflective. That’s ok, though. You don’t always have to be in work or productive mode 24/7, everyone needs a little R&R.

Take sometime for yourself and for others, you can’t be your best if you don’t.

Name Brand vs Comfort

I was shopping today again for work attire, and decided to stop by my favorite place, handbags! I was browsing through various different name brands and more low key designs. I noticed that the name brands were obviously much more expensive, but also, didn’t seem as practical as the lower priced ones. The top name brands seemed to be not as functional and everyday life usability. I wish I could afford name brands and they were more everyday life like. What I mean by this is that it is easier to tote around the lower priced ones more easily, and they seem to be softer in material and more range in zipper space. Now before I get name brand fans opposed to this writing, I own a Calvin Klein purse, that not only is a snap shut one, but I wouldn’t call it suitable for all activities or heavy traveling. I like ones that can store may things, like a “Marry Poppins” bag, if you will, but one that won’t lug me down. I hope that this makes sense. I would love to hear feedback on this topic.

Buy at the End of Season…Save Big $$$$$

So one little money saving shopping trip I have been taking advantage of is shopping for Clearance items at the end of season, and save big bucks. Unless you know for a fact that you won’t be able to fit into something (still a growing child, child bearing, or losing weight) go ahead and buy something that you know you will most likely be able to use the following season, but with the discount of the clearance sale. Last year, I found some great boots that I really loved, and the best part was the it was just in time for Spring/Summer and thus I wouldn’t need to be wearing them for a few months, but since the store was trying to get them off the shelves, they were a steal practically. Same with some sandals, that were on clearance. Shoes that normally would be a lot more, I got for less, way less.

Unless the item is perishable, seriously, buy clothing at the end of the season, and then save it. Your wallet will thank you. I almost never buy clothing when it first comes out, unless there is a very special promotion going on in order to get people to buy in the first place. It may feel a little weird to buy something when the next season is coming up, but hey, if the shoe fits (until next season) then buy it and have some extra dolla to go out on the town!

Marshall’s Department Store

A new school year is upon us, or has already started for some people, depending on your location and education level. I am starting a new job, so an updated wardrobe was calling my name. I didn’t have very many black, sophisticated petite work pants that not only are a good price but fit (pardon the pun!) all of my requirements: petite legs, stretchy waist area for both comfort and the days that you just need that breathing room, and looks professional but not stiff. Well, I found some great pants that were at my budget, and are stylin’! Marshalls Department store has some GREAT finds. I found them in the size P for length, and was very happy with the first glance outcome. Marshall’s is a great place to shop for great clothes, but not paying the designer label price. Check them out and find Marshall’s in your area.


Shopping Fun!

I’ve been looking for a great and affordable pair of cute and comfy work pants that would fit in every way (legs, and stomach were my main concern.) I found the best Pixie pants at Old Navy. Black pants that are stretchy and so comfortable. I’m so happy! Definitely recommend to anyone other petite lady looking for professional and comfort at a great price.


Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

One of my favorite places to shop, quite honestly, is thrift stores. One of the main ones I visit on a frequent basis is Penny Wise, which is located in the heart of Vienna, VA. Penny Wise sells most things, like clothes, books, shoes, office supplies, purses, jewelry, kid’s items, and other goodies. I find many great options there, some are very worn items, and others are brand new and still have the tags on them, you’ll never know.
One of my favorite and most memorable purchases there was a pair of lightly used figure skates. I grew up liking ice skating, and would only skate as a hobby. The mere fact that they were available only for $4 was a steal for me.
ice skating pic
Enjoying my very first “skate” in my new skates!
Other fun purchases have been Eddie Bauer shirts I’ve gotten there. While they didn’t have the tags still attached, they were lightly worn, and I knew I had to get them. $4 each for Eddie Bauer, let alone lightly used, you just don’t see that. I like to be thrifty, saving my wallet, and contributing my money to worthy causes. A win win for all.

Petite Complete Fashion–BTS

So here I decided to go into a little more bts detail on why I decided to do this website and attached blog.
During my second half of high school, so when I was a junior, I was involved in Internet Marketing, which at the time, was a newer concept. There was a brand new type of class that was being offered, Entrepreneurship. Of course being an entrepreneur is no new concept, however the idea of offering the class in a high school setting was very fresh and a novice idea. While I was not enrolled in the Entrepreneur class, my Internet Marketing teacher and classroom were right next to each other in connecting classrooms so there were many times I had an exposure to Entrepreneurship class.
I have since carried a torch for wanting to be my own boss. No, as of this website launch, I am not a successful, very well known one….yet! And I’m not saying that this will happen to me, but that is my goal, and everyone has to start from somewhere.
I thought to myself for months how could I put together a website about something that I related to, something that I was passionate about, and something that was MINE; thus Petite Complete Fashion came about. I have always been short, petite, vertically challenged, whatever you want to call it. I have very often had issues finding clothing that fits my bottom half without being torn up just a few months later. More retail clothing businesses have become much better about designing pants and jeans for people who do have petite legs. Obviously I cannot change my height, and to be 100% honest, I am very happy being petite, (I don’t have far to fall when I trip 🙂 )
This site has given me a chance to create something of my own, and the start to being my own boss. I am putting this site together all on my own (with the help of software of course.)  In the end, this site is something that every entrepreneur strives to have: passion and success.
So thank you to each and everyone for visiting my site and blog and help me continue my journey!!!!

…..And the beat goes on

Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher, I had my heart set on it. You know what changed that–high school. I realized in high school that I didn’t want to pursue that career dream anymore. I then thought about marketing. Marketing is demanded in any field, right? Politicians need to have their campaigns very well marketed to gain voters, entertainers need to have their tour dates very well marketed so that fans know when and where their shows are. A major event going on in a small hometown needs to be advertised so that community residents know to attend. Marketing is everywhere.
March of this year, I was hired to work with a small marketing firm and work closely with the owner. I was very excited at this opportunity, not only was I working for a marketing business, but I also would see first hand how an entrepreneur runs a business. Funny thing is that I learned something that I never knew about myself with this job, I like conducting sales.
To briefly describe my job, my boss has various contracts with botanical gardens around the country. My job is to contact and invite those members of the gardens to renew expired/expiring memberships. The training that went into this job was very specific. I have so much more appreciation for the time that it took me to do the training and all of the specific details that went into it, customer service and product knowledge  really go hand in hand, and they help drive sales. I get a rush when I complete a sale, knowing that I persuaded the client to trust me and go through me to renew their membership.
I never thought I would be gain happiness like this before from a job, and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to explore this field. It has taught me that you should always keep your options open, and never say never to something. I’m in marketing and sales now, I know that I want to be in marketing, its just what type of marketing.
The whole point of my message is that you may think you know the answer to something, you try something new, and then realize a whole new world of another. Experiment, have fun, and learn.

Miss USA-Let’s to Reality

I’m sitting here watching the #MissUsa2015 pagent and while I love watching beauty pagents (time permitting,) there is one problem I have with it; I feel like it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole concept. These pagents are not reality. Of course women are perfectly entitled to be fit and healthy, and beautiful, but not every single person is over 5’5 and has a perfectly toned body. Many women love to really get glammed  up and wear fun clothing, makeup and heels, but how often does this actually happen? When women are in an environment that involves getting into a swimsuit, how many of them have hair cut, colored in place, pounds of makeup on, stilettos and jewelry? Nothing is impossible, but come on, that almost never happens.
I wish that these pagents focused more on inner beauty and brains, and less on physical appearance. Though being super woman is always a good title to carry, there are many many women who do not spend a ton of time on their physical appearance in order to be successful in their professional careers. I’m not saying that I loathe watching these contests, I just feel there should be less of a focus on the outside beauty (swimsuits and evening gowns) and more on what really drives us: passion and confidence.
I will say though, it does take a lot of courage to come out and compete in these pagents. The discipline and passion is noted and they all are hard workers, and focused, clearly. Reality is just not always having perfect makeup, and parading around looking glamorous.

The More Education….The Better?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of reorganizing of old college files that I stored away for the longest time, and I decided to go down memory lane with the different completed assignments. I was looking at papers I wrote, and realized how my writing and comprehension has vastly improved. With the exception of a post college continuing education course here and there, I have not pursued any graduate programs, and I’m beginning to rethink that route.  Education after high school unfortunately is not a free ride, unless you are a lucky individual who has access and/or earns a scholarship. Education is expensive, but does it earn you more money in the long run?
Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have certainly proved that you don’t have to have those pieces of paper in order to earn those extra figure paychecks.
Here’s another great question: is experience or education better? I know some people, who do not have college degrees, whereas I do. However, they are more established in their careers than I am. Is that because they were out working hard in career aspirations establishing themselves, while I was focusing more of my time on academic endeavors. If both of us were applying for the same job today, and we both had similar to equal qualifications and experience for the job, but the only true difference between us was that piece of paper….who would get the job. It’s a debatable question at times.
They say that more education earns more money, but is there enough evidence to back this up. Do all of the celebrities who are out there making money off of their films have college diplomas and even further qualifications. Do all of the journalists, artists, entertainers, etc have diplomas?
To set the record straight, do I regret going to college and graduating? Absolutely not. I do not regret it for a second and I am a very lucky person who does not have any college debt. There are many people out there, however, who are paying off their loans, and perhaps are still not done with academic interests and programs. We never stop learning, but the true question is does shelling out thousands of dollars for a program honestly help us earn more money. The question may never be 100% truly answered. Just some food for thought.
I complete this posting still on the notion of applying to graduate school. You just never know what the world has in store for you. Always learn, never stop (it just depends on how much money you want to spend :))