Miracle 10

We all have different hair types; I have been blessed with having straight hair, that doesn’t require any blow drying. I have noticed, however, as I matured that my hair, especially in the warmer season, gets poufy after I have washed it. I also have noticed that every time I have gotten my hair cut, my hair is always smooth and silky after I leave the hair salon. It then dawned on me why the change in my hair texture and volume is different when I leave the salon. My hair dresser has used a wonderful leave in conditioner called Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Product. This product is so wonderful. It attacks 10 problems in one, hence for the name. It add softness, controls frizz, provides shine, so many benefits. Check it out!

The product is a little pricey, depending on your budget, but it is totally worth it. I personally purchased mine from Walmart for roughly $18, however different retailers will sell it for different pricing.

All you need to do is wash and condition your hair as normal, towel dry, and then spray the product in, and comb it through. That’s it. Its wonderful and smells great too.


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