$0.52 for Skin Care

You read that correctly,  I paid a total of $0.52 for some face wipes from CVS. How? I had $5 in extra care rewards from CVS. Extra Care Rewards is when you receive store credit from qualifying purchases towards your next shopping order. The qualifying merchandise will have yellow tags hanging right by the price listing,  saying exactly how many of the item you have to purchase in order to qualify for the extra care rewards. Be careful, as they do have an expriation date after you have earned them, so keep tab on when that date is.

To explain exactly what I did, I picked up the CVS brand of face wipes (the generic version compared to the ingredients in the “Simple” line.) I then went up to the register and had them scan my CVS card on my phone,  which pulled up my account. They scanned the face wipes, and then applied my $5 credit, which then had me paying only 0.52 out of pocket.  Boom!


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