It Pays to Shop Online

Hello readers!

Do you ever feel guilty about shopping too much? I know that for me, I need retail therapy, it really does work. You know what also really helps, knowing that I’m saving as much money as is possible. If you’ve read my previous posts, then you will know that I am a coupon fanatic, I will not pay full price for something, if I don’t have to.

My friends know my need to stay on budget, and they have introduced to me to two amazing websites, that maybe you have heard of as well, they are called “” and “”

From what I have seen, they both are pretty similar in their overall missions to save money for consumers, the only difference is that Ebates may provide a slightly higher percentage in money back. From what I have seen thus far, Ebates provides you links to items on sale through different retailers, and additionally offers a small percentage back on that same transactions through the Ebates website itself. For example, through Ebates, if I was looking for Ralph Lauren items, if I click on the accompanying link, I can not only save up to 40% off of my purchase, but Ebates itself will also reimburse me 15% cash back. That’s a pretty good deal, simply for shopping through a discount website.

You might be thinking if Ebates provides that additional cash back and Retail Me Not doesn’t, why would you bother shopping on Retail Me Not. Well, here’s how I look at it. Not every website will provide the discount that you are looking for, so even though Ebates might have the additional small money rebate back, if they don’t have that discount listed, but Retail Me Not does, well, you are still saving money, regardless. Beggers can’t be choosers after all. I personally have shopped from both discount websites and am very happy that I’ve stumbled upon both money saving tactics.

I sure hope that I’ve helped you with another money saving strategy. Happy (less guilty) shopping!

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