Women’s March on Washington

Now that the election and Inauguration are officially over, I feel like we can all breathe a bit. I proudly say that I attended my first protest, which was a very peaceful one. The Women’s March on Washington had several different messages voiced through the signs carried throughout the city by all of the individual patrons. There was a large crowd, a very large crowd, and by the numbers reported, surpassed the attendance of the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States.

I am not writing this as a bash of either political party, I am simply here to express some thoughts that I personally feel as a citizen of this great nation. First and for most, we ALL are created equal, I do not care what color you are, if you speak another language aside from English, if we don’t share the same religion, if we don’t share the same politics, what your sexual orientation or identity is, etc.. If you treat me with respect, I will do the same in return.

This election divided our country so much, and created so much hate. I want to live in a country where we look out for one another, where we don’t judge people, and especially are not trying to turn our country back 50 or 100 plus years, not after all of the work we have done. Of course, now that we have a new Commander in Chief, things are different, and based on the voice of President Trump’s campaign, he has a different vision aside from what President Obama worked for over the past eight years. I am not intending to start any fight, or rude comments, simply my observations from his campaign messages.

I hope over the next four years, we see some progression, and keep our country safe, and not undo all of the work that President Obama worked so hard for. No President is perfect, and I will leave this post with this: Knowledge is Power.


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