Don’t Quit Your Day Job

There is the saying “don’t quit your day job.” Here is a very important question and concept to really contemplate: you have your day job that produces the stable income, but if you’re like me, you have always wanted to be your own boss. How does one find the balance of keeping your focus on your day job where you answer to your boss and co-workers, all the while still maintaining the energy, physically and emotionally to create a new start-up business, or product. It can be hard. I have been a big fan of “Shark Tank” and have read books from the “Sharks” on advice. They talk about how you need creativity and the pros and cons of working for yourself. So here is my question: how would you, my readers, go about and come up with a great product, or business idea, get started, all the while maintaining your job that pays the bills, and maintain a family/social life (if you have a family of your own.)


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