The end of one, beginning of another

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I will admit, I’m not the best at keeping these blogs up-to-date, though I do follow a lot of others on social media, so you would think I would know to post more often, right? I just find it hard to find content that is worth posting, content random strangers will be interested in reading.

One huge change for me is my job. I will fully admit that I lost my job; it wasn’t fun, and never is fun. In the process of dealing with this loss, I decided to read Barbara Corcoran’s book, “Shark Tales.” Its all about how Barbara (one of the investors on “Shark Tank”) started out with nothing and lived in a very crammed home with her large family. She decided to pursue a real estate career, getting started with a $1000 loan from her boyfriend she met at a local diner she was working at. Through all of her ideas and work ethic, she has made a success.

A major point that stuck by me from reading her book was about what makes a great sales person, entrepreneur, employee in general. It’s not a matter of how good of a sales person you are, or a hard worker, whatever your achievements are; its a matter of how you handle a loss or a rejection. The people who bounce back the quickest are the ones that are successful.

Within this past month of being unemployed and applying for various different jobs and trying to figure out a new path, I accepted a new position today! The first 2 weeks I felt very sorry for myself because I did not see my previous job ending as soon as it did, but you know what, it was a good thing for me. It helped kick me in the pants and start something even better. I now have given myself the opportunity to work for my “day job” all the while leaving time for my creative goals in creating my own business. It took a loss and feeling a little bit down, to create the opportunity for goals that I have been wanting for a long time, I just didn’t know how to do it.

Moral of this post: how quickly and positively you handle rejection and how quickly you bounce back. YOU CAN DO IT!


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