Paying for Life Skills

As an aspiring entrepreneur, and a young career female with many interests, its hard to pin point what I call an actual “career.” I am the proud co-owner of my start-up family business called “ABC 4 Higher Ventures.” Our business will be specializing in Consulting and Sales, so it leaves it open to be an umbrella company. There are many skills that can be included in our business.

My individual interests  have a hefty leaning on sales. I currently work in a sales job that is about getting the best design for your budget. Sales isn’t always about just trying to “sell” a product, but knowing what you are selling and all the options that can be included and alternatives available.

Being in a sales position is a wide variety of fields, from real estate, to a sales associate at a local or franchise business, and many in between.  Real estate, I’m learning as I have family working the in field, is more than just selling a home. Its’ about knowing the zip code areas, what the interested family is looking for, and all of the in between steps that involve the actual move. I have strongly thought about becoming involved in real estate as property values in my hometown of Tyson’s Corner in Northern Virginia are skyrocketing with all the the added business and transportation construction.

Another area of sales that people may not know about is affiliate marketing. Long story short, a business will reward a person if they advertise through linkage of a product and another buyer clicks on the link. You can read a more detailed description at the link provided above.

My point with all of these different types of sales is that learning these life skills can lead to more money in the bank and overall knowledge of a variety of different life interests You can have a career that involves many different components, so expand your horizon and don’t be afraid to have many interests, I’m not.


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