Happy New Year!

To all of my followers, Happy 2016! 2015 was a great year for me, from my professional aspirations, to beginning my own personal website/blog to everything in between. I read articles all the time about how to make money online, or just spare side income and how to use digital media in it’s fullest potential. I have a major entrepreneurial fire in my blood, and understand that before in order to get started in the “being your own boss” world, you must have your day job in the very beginning. I love my day job. I work with a  wonderful family owned business; a very creative job that involves imagination, teamwork and fun; I work in a locally owned florist.

Keeping with the entrepreneurial theme, I was reading an article in a magazine, “Women’s World” and always love reading the ways to make extra cash. Some only pay a few bucks here and there, but that eventually adds up after consistent work. I always look to see moral, legal and fun ways to make more money. After all, the bills need to be paid, and a little pampering is always fun.

I would love to get some more ideas on how to make more side money, and to see how other bloggers do it. Leave a comment and share with me your passions and successes (or trial and errors!)


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