Money Back…AFTER Shopping??

Smart phones, both Android and iOS devices are owned by a vast population; benefits ranging from 4G networks to all of the apps available for download. One of the apps that I use, with some money benefits is “Ibotta.” It is a shopping app that can be used on several different items ranging from grocery to more luxury purhases. With just two grocery shopping trips, I’ve earned back almost $10. That is a lot of moola! “Ibotta” is very easy to use, once you learn all of the tactics behind the intended use.

The way it works:

1) Go to the type of shopping you will be doing (ex-grocery, at Walmart)

2)Once at the proper shopping destination link, look at the items available for rebate. They can range from $.025 and higher. Sometimes you will have to unlock the item, or other means as instructed.

3) Purchase the item and then use the camera on your phone to scan the bar-code, and then once all of the bar-codes from purchases have been scanned, take picture of the receipt to verify the purchases. Submit your receipt and wait for approval.

All of the instructions are very clear, and might differ per purchase. It’s a great way to make some change back from shopping trips. I haven’t always gotten lucky with earnings every trip, but if I’m going to  use the product anyways, then might as well purchase now, and earn the money back.

This app pays you back to shop!


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