Love Yourself, Not Photoshop

For many females (and males), body image is a huge insecurity; is my body as good looking/toned, etc as they are in the magazines? Many of the concerns are based on false advertising that magazines publish through programs like Photoshop. Everyone has a different body shape, two individuals can put in the same amount of exercise and dietary disciplines, yet, body composition is different. That OK! We need to let girls know that everyone is different, and no matter what you look like, you are important and worth it.

I myself have had my fair share of body insecurities. My body changed from the teenage girl body I had (19-20) to my now 27 year old body. I have developed wider hips, and my overall composition has matured. Clothing that I used to be able to wear 2 years ago, doesn’t fit me anymore, not because I’m “fat” but because of genetics and inevitable body aging. There is only one thing that we can control, how we treat our bodies. That isn’t only in diet and exercise form, but in our emotional connection with our own individual selves.

I was very inspired by this article by Vanity Fair, Demi Lovato stripping down, no clothes no makeup, and no, not for the immediate reason you may think. Read the article, it’s all about confidence and inner beauty. Take a look.


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