I at first thought that you always needed to hire someone to get something done, whether it’s painting, or any other work. DIY has become a big thing, to not only save money, but to be able to have control on how something is completed. I am reading a fascinating book, The Glitter Plan, and it is all about how two entrepreneurs met, and followed their dreams and have turned $200 into a fashion empire. They talk a lot about how to establish yourself, and how to literally start a business out of your own home. They started their business with a line of maternity wear, because one of the woman was expecting and she could relate to maternity wear. They talk a lot about being able to relate to your product and wanting to buy it yourself.

I think the whole message is that you the entrepreneur needs to use your own creativity and really try to stray away from the pack and be your own product and image. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but try to do things on your own as much as you can. It is your creating then, your product and your efforts.

DIY is a great way to get things done!


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