Miss USA-Let’s to Reality

I’m sitting here watching the #MissUsa2015 pagent and while I love watching beauty pagents (time permitting,) there is one problem I have with it; I feel like it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole concept. These pagents are not reality. Of course women are perfectly entitled to be fit and healthy, and beautiful, but not every single person is over 5’5 and has a perfectly toned body. Many women love to really get glammed  up and wear fun clothing, makeup and heels, but how often does this actually happen? When women are in an environment that involves getting into a swimsuit, how many of them have hair cut, colored in place, pounds of makeup on, stilettos and jewelry? Nothing is impossible, but come on, that almost never happens.

I wish that these pagents focused more on inner beauty and brains, and less on physical appearance. Though being super woman is always a good title to carry, there are many many women who do not spend a ton of time on their physical appearance in order to be successful in their professional careers. I’m not saying that I loathe watching these contests, I just feel there should be less of a focus on the outside beauty (swimsuits and evening gowns) and more on what really drives us: passion and confidence.

I will say though, it does take a lot of courage to come out and compete in these pagents. The discipline and passion is noted and they all are hard workers, and focused, clearly. Reality is just not always having perfect makeup, and parading around looking glamorous.


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