DIY Hair Care-Ingredients You Can Eat!

I wish I could take credit for this tid bit of information, but recently I read online about a very effective DIY hair care treatment that will not only make your hair super soft and shiny, but is also completely natural, and very generous on your pocket book as well. Two magical ingredients. Ya ready? Coconut Oil and Honey. That’s it. While the thought of ingesting coconut anything makes my stomach turn, the smell of the two ingredients combined together is amazing.

Here is what you do. Take 1 tbsp of each, put into a pan and let it warm just slightly for the coconut oil to melt. Stir both together. Be careful to not let the mixture get too hot too quickly. I made this mistake the first time around, and fortunately, the only thing to get slightly scalded for a moment was my fingers.

Side note-before heating up the mixture, wet your hair first. I just spray my hair with a spray bottle, you don’t want your hair to be soaking shower wet, but enough that it is heavily damp. The mixture is said to absorb into the hair follicles better when your hair is damp and the mixture is  slightly warm.

Once the mixture is warm, and your hair is damp, go ahead and spread all over your hair. It’s going to be a bit sticky, so make sure to dress with a top on you won’t mind getting a little messy and needing to be laundered. Once you cover your head, either leave it down, put up in a pony, whatever you fancy. I left it on for 30 min or so, but depending on your hair length and texture, you can leave it on longer/shorter time frame.

When you are ready, rinse out in the shower, then shampoo and condition as usual. Viola! Hair will be silky smooth and shiny and hydrated! When someone asks, spread the word about this mixture.


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