Take Advantage of Sales

Last weekend, I went with my mother to Old Navy at Tysons Corner Center, for their annual $1 flip flop sale. Not only did they have this great promotion, but the entire store was up to 50% off. I take advantage of sales when possible. For example, if I see a piece of clothing that I can wear on multiple occasions, or that will never go out of style (I bought a simple knee length black skirt that is very comfortable) and the item is at a reasonable price, stock up and get a few of them. Sometimes there will be a limit of how many replicas of an item each customer can purchase, but if the item is a good price, and you can use on multiple occasion, don’t just purchase one.

I don’t normally take advantage of Black Friday deals, given Black Friday doesn’t even start on Friday anymore, but as early as 4pm Thanksgiving day.  Last Thanksgiving, I decided to see what the mall was like at 10pm Thanksgiving evening, given that not only do I live 5 minutes away from the mall, but it was 10pm, so most people have concluded their Thanksgiving Day observations. The mall was busy, but not the jam packed sardine level like I was expecting. The only store that caught my attention was Old Navy, which had the ENTIRE store 50% off. I knew I couldn’t pass this deal up. I told my mom about it, and given she has just woken up from her post Thanksgiving day turkey coma, I figured we both had enough energy to go and scope out a few items. We ended up there about 12:30am, and stayed until….well we stayed much longer than we had planned. BUT, we got new clothing for extremely good prices, and clothing that would last me all winter, and into the changing Spring season. Given it was 50% everything, we saved as much as we spent. If you have the funds to do some fun shopping, and need the items, don’t feel guilty of buying a few replicas of the same thing, especially if you will use the items as long as they will last. I know I’m enjoying some of the year round items on this hot summer day that I purchased on a very cold Black Friday morning!

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