Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

One of my favorite places to shop, quite honestly, is thrift stores. One of the main ones I visit on a frequent basis is Penny Wise, which is located in the heart of Vienna, VA. Penny Wise sells most things, like clothes, books, shoes, office supplies, purses, jewelry, kid’s items, and other goodies. I find many great options there, some are very worn items, and others are brand new and still have the tags on them, you’ll never know.

One of my favorite and most memorable purchases there was a pair of lightly used figure skates. I grew up liking ice skating, and would only skate as a hobby. The mere fact that they were available only for $4 was a steal for me.

ice skating pic

Enjoying my very first “skate” in my new skates!

Other fun purchases have been Eddie Bauer shirts I’ve gotten there. While they didn’t have the tags still attached, they were lightly worn, and I knew I had to get them. $4 each for Eddie Bauer, let alone lightly used, you just don’t see that. I like to be thrifty, saving my wallet, and contributing my money to worthy causes. A win win for all.


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